My Desert Monuments – From My Spirit Cave


Hidden from open view is my secret cave, high up in the rugged, almost in accessible ramparts of a west-facing Central Australian permanent natural ‘monument’ – my immovable desert sentinel over my countrymen forebears’ lands – my birthright and my legacy and my great personal pride.

A shared ‘Jewel of the Universe’ that is so ancient a land, so vast, so challenging, so rewarding, so precious, with humankind of all kind so sparsely dispersed and a land so enriched by all who have walked upon it, that there is room for all who plan to do so.


Artist: Jonathan Jones, AM

Title: My Desert Monuments – From My Spirit cave

Medium: Watercolour

Size: 40 X 40 cms

Price: $550.00

Contact artist direct on: 0413 085 838