Fall Colours USA


‘The Fall Colour’ USA

The event of the year – each and every year – for the NW of the USA.

The rising tide of fall colours clothes the foreground, and the foothills and the many undulating mountains taking up the rear. The ‘Fall Colour’ drifts across a changing, transformational Autumn landscape to the leafless Portals of Winter.

Leaves by the countless billions clothe billions of stately deciduous trees which know when ‘It’s Time’. They take on hues of all manner of reds, orange, ochres, yellows, siennae and all in between – away in the distance – a deeper blue and regal purple tinge is more dramatic, as is the confused weather that stamps its cool, grey presence over the entire performance below.

To be on a remote, placid Lake at Autumn, in New Hampshire, surrounded by the annual brilliant spectacle is unique – an experience never forgotten.

So go, find the lake and fall in awe – of ‘The Fall’.


Artist: Jonathan Jones, AM

Title: Fall Colours USA

Medium: Watercolour

Size: 43 X 20 cms

Price: $320.00 AH  SOLD

Contact artist direct on: 0413 085 838