Greensill Lake, Yowie Park, Kilcoy


Greensill Lake is a beautiful island of tranquility situated in Yowie Park behind the local Art Gallery. The lake is named after a prominent pioneer of the district, Fred. Greensill, who with his wife came out from England in 1864 and settled in nearby Albany Creek. They had thirteen children. There is a walk around the lake installed and maintained by the local RSL Branch in commemoration of the local members who gave their lives in both World Wars. The lake abounds with bird life and is an ideal spot for families to relax, having a playground for children and picnic and BBQ facilities in Yowie Park.

Yowie Park derives its name from the claim, in 1979, by two Brisbane school boys that they encountered a two to three metre tall, brown haired creature in the surrounding bush, others have also claimed to have seen it. A statue depicting the creature stands in the grounds of Yowie Park. Kilcoy has since become the “Yowie Capital of Australia”.

Artist: Graeme Love

Title: “Greensill Lake, Yowie Park, Kilcoy”

Medium: Pastel

Size: 88 X 73 cms (Framed)

Price: $580.00

To purchase this piece contact the artist direct on 0409 087 157 or email: