Piazzale dea Mare (Venezia)



The mystique surrounding and glorious artistic expressions locked in one special Italian microcosm, by The Sea.

Famous architecture of Venezia, on show to the citizens of the world. A modern marvel, a timeless and emphatic repository of style to entice and capture travellers, since the earliest of Mariners plied their trade and adventurism over the millennia from this port.

Stately Domes and Spires, Towers and Iconic arches wrought by artisans in solid, strong stone. Majestic edifices for all themes grace the built foreshores in an early Mediterranean summer dawn – the diffused rays of a golden glowing Sol, in an awakening eastern sky, rays of sustenance reflected on a drizzled, paved ‘piazzale’ dea mare’, whose broad dimensions are defined for all time, by proximate walled boundaries and smooth canals – the iconic highways of unique, enthralling Venezia.

Bella bellissimo


Artist: Jonathan Jones, AM

Title: Piazzale dea Mare

Medium: Watercolour

Size: 65 X 40 cms

Price: $475.00 AU

Contact artist direct on: 0413 085 838