Country Lane Serenity





Far west of the Queensland ranges, a lonely country lane finds its direction at the side of a guiding fence. The fence is of weathered hardwood shafts which carry three strands of rusty wire, the barrier to a predictable habitat for herds of cattle which roam nonchalantly across a weathered savannah landscape. A copse of shade trees provide solace over the super-heated mid-day air and the copse diffuses inter-moving shapes seen from afar through the haze. Not a sound save for the errant whisper of indiscernable breezes tripping through the foliage of the parched trees. Ah, serenity.


Artist: Jonathan Jones, AM

Title: Country Lane Serenity

Medium: Watercolour

Size: 27 X 17 cms

Price: $250.00 AU

Contact artist direct on: 0413 085 838