Reflections of Venice


Venice, in the n/east Veneto Region of Italy is situated on a group of small islands, all connected by some 400 bridges. It is located in the shallow Venetian Lagoon which lies between the mouths of the Po and Piave rivers.

It is famous for its architecture and as a tourist destination, featuring its ‘Gondoliers’ and their unique craft. The gondola pictured here is a larger one built to accommodate groups such as wedding party’s, etc. The smaller ones which most people associate with Venice, usually carry just two passengers plus the gondolier, many of whom will serenade their passengers during a tour of the canals.

It is also renowned for the art of glass blowing on the island of Murano, one of the many small islands which make up the city of Venice. Artisans have been producing fabulous works of art there for centuries. Equally famous, on another of the small islands, Burano, the lace making craft is practiced. It is also a tradition that is centuries old and extremely fine work is woven by hand.

Both of these crafts are often passed down through generations from father to son and mother to daughter.

In 2016 Venice was ranked as the most beautiful city in the world.


Artist; Graeme Love

Title: Reflections of Venice

Medium: Oil on canvas board

Size: 56 X 52 cms.

Price: $320.00 AU  framed

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