Serenity, the Black Swan


The Black Swan   Depicted here on the wetlands at Ewen Maddock Dam near Caloundra. Many swans and other bird-life make their homes in these wetlands.

Black swans are endemic to Australia and breed primarily on the wetlands of south eastern and western Australia. They may nest at any time of the year, however the peak breeding season is between June and November. The nest is a large platform of weeds and other debris, usually one to one and a half metres in diameter and one metre high, in shallow water or at the waters edge. The nests are not re-used, but are built from scratch every year. The clutch generally contains between four and eleven eggs and the incubation period is about 35 to 40 days, shared by both male and female but with the female normally taking the ‘night shift’.

Whilst, as depicted here, they look very serene, they aggressively defend their nest with vigorous beating of their wings.


Artist: Graeme Love

Medium: Pastel

Size: 41 X 55 cms. framed

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