The Time of the Plenty


This is the story of the Time of the Plenty.

There are three red campfires of our beautiful people gathering, one is of our Desert People, one of our Salt Water people and the other is of our Mountain People.

In the Time of Plenty there was lush plant life, pristine rain forest, lots of water, heaps of fish and bush tucker.

In the Time of Plenty there was lots of animal tracks along the river bank. The beautiful aboriginal people enjoy dancing to the sounds of their didgeridoos and clap sticks. Loving and connecting with each other in harmony.

The beautiful songs echo throughout the day and under the stars at night.

In the Time of Plenty.


Artist: Wayne Hill

Title: “The Time of Plenty”

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 41 X 51 cms framed

Price: $1,500 AUD

To purchase this painting contact the artist on 0412 409 531 or email: